**This post was written on my old blog and I copied it over to here and made small edits**
Dublin City 2014
Dublin was my first and last stop on my trip. When I first arrived, it was gloomy, but the city is small and absolutely walkable and I loved that aspect of it. Also, the Irish are SO friendly.
I arrived on a Tuesday morning around 9 am and went straight to my hostel. Being as this was my first overseas trip, I was trying to fight jet lag as best as possible. I dropped off my bags at Generator hostel and headed out to Dublin Castle for some exploring and some lunch.

Lunch at Dublin Castle

My next trip was over to the Guinness Storehouse, a must for any beer lover who stops over in Dublin! The experience was great – it was interesting to learn about the process of making Guinness and to learn a bit about its history. The best part of the tour though is the Guinness at the end. I chose to head up to the 360-degree bar at the top of the storehouse and have the staff pour the beer for me. Next time, I would pour my own beer (for that experience) and head up to the bar.

Out front the Guinness Storehouse

Enjoying a brew in the 360 bar atop Guinness Storehouse

The next few days of my trip were spent wandering around Dublin and exploring the history, architecture, and being a total tourist. I visited Kilmainham Gaol and learned that prisons really freak me out, even if they are well lit and there are loads of people around. I visited Dublin Zoo, hit up Temple Bar, and found a delicious vegetarian restaurant in the Temple Bar district that I enjoyed so much, I went twice!

River Liffey

Kilmainham Gaol

I spent my first 3 days in Europe in Dublin and then headed on to England and Germany. It was cheapest for me to fly back home from Dublin, so I returned for a day at the end of my trip. I spent the day exploring things I missed during my first few days, such as Christchurch (and its Saturday market) and even wandered upon an LBGTQ Chorus Festival held in Dublin City Hall!

Christchurch Cathedral and Market

“Various Voices” performs at Dublin City Hall

I loved Ireland, but I wish I saw more of the countryside. I think that that is on the menu for my next trip back!

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