Chester and Brammal Hall

**This post was written on my old blog and I copied it over to here and made small edits**
Chester was BEAUTIFUL! We only had about an hour or two there (I was with a friend), but I wish that I had more time there. I would definitely return back to Chester. There is a lot of Roman history there and the Tudor houses (which I didn’t have a chance to see), but what Chester is famous for.
A and I spent time walking around the city, as he had never been before and it was a recommendation from his mum. I discovered on this trip to Europe that though I am not religious, I am in love with cathedrals, churches, and their architecture.
Bramall Hall
Bramall Hall is a Tudor home (the type of design) that used to be owned by a wealthy family. I’m a really bad tourist and am unsure as to what exactly this hall was for, but Wikipedia has a history that indicates that this was a home for the Davenport family (landowners in NW England). We didn’t take a tour inside, but the grounds were gorgeous and so was the home! It is free to walk the grounds and there was a lot to see and quite a few tourists who had the same idea as us and were just wandering the grounds.
As I said in my posts on Ireland, this little day trip really prompted me to seriously consider a trip back to England to spend more time in the countryside, as I was off to London in the next few days and wouldn’t see much of the countryside!

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