**This is a post copied over from my old blog and has been edited**


I spent my first day in London with a friend who was also in Europe at the same time that I was. When we first arrived, it was a bit overcast, but we aimed to do as much as possible! We headed over to the Shakespeare Theatre and Millennium Bridge so that we could go to the Art Museum. One wonderful thing about London is that all of the museums are free – a practice that I think should be adopted more in the USA!

Millenium Bridge

The Globe Theatre

We made it to Buckingham Palace for The Changing of the Guards. We got to our spot about an hour early and we could see just about everything. We were right up against the barricades, so we had no one standing in front of us. The biggest issue was trying to leave the area afterwards, as there was only one direction you could go and thousands of people were being funneled through that direction!


Changing of the Guards

Our next stop was The London Eye, but we stopped for a traditional order of fish and chips, first! I am a vegetarian and only occasionally eat seafood (it is usually only sustainable sources), but I knew that I had to try fish and chips. Maybe it was because I haven’t eaten seafood in so long, but it did not do anything for me. I just overpaid for the experience.

Fish and chips

We waited in a long line to get onto the London Eye and in my experience, the price for the London Eye was not worth it. It was cool to get that view of the city, but expensive to ride so slowly for 30 minutes. It seemed as though after 15 or so minutes, there was nothing “new” to see from that view. I would not do it again.

London Eye

The first day in London was an overload, but I had limited time there, so we needed to get as much done as possible on that day!


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